Favorite models of car: overview

Volkswagen Jetta is well-known as convenient compact vehicle, designed, manufactured by prominent Volkswagen Group. It was made since 1979, the auto is based on the VW Golf. Famous Volkswagen Golf is a nice car of Germany from the same producer Volkswagen. The model Golf has become the most prosperous model of it, the third place among the best-selling cars (according to 2007 it was produced more than 25 mln units), it is the market leader in European countries.
VW Golf GTI (or Volkswagen GTI) are really dream cars. Volkswagen Golf GTI looks not so much sports as dynamic and expensive. Many cars from the same company Volkswagen were named after the winds or currents. Its denomination comes from the name Golf warm flow Gulf stream. Production of the primary Golf began in1974 in the USA and Canada, it was manufactured under the brand «Volkswagen Rabbit».
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE is known for its profile worldwide. The front end of the auto with its original headlights is easily recognizable. Beetle has retained its familiar retro motifs, although its convex forms became more elegant lines. The emphasis in the appearance was made to universality, to make the car attractive to both women and men. In every detail, we can see both traditional and new features that simply do not leave indifferent.